Odoo Opendays Conference (Day 3 – June 6, 2014)

odoo community hub

–Start————– Day Three Event Name ———————————————-
0:29:12 [slides] The new community platform – Olivier Dony
0:46:15 [slides] Direct Methodology: Live in 2 weeks – Jaime Catalan Pinto
1:08:10 [slides] Closing statements
1:33:45 [slides] Improve the performance of Odoo deployment – Olivier Dony
4:01:20 [slides] Buildout: Custom developments/deployments – Georges Racinet

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Odoo Opendays Conference (Day 2 – June 5, 2014)

odoo community hub

–Start————– Day Two Event Name ————————————–
0:42:25 [slides] Introduction Speech – Xavier Pansaers
0:43:32 [slides] Odoo Strategy and Roadmap – Fabien Pinckaers
1:16:35 [slides] Global Business Strategy 2014 – Xavier Pansaers
1:38:05 [slides] Global Marketing Strategy 2014 – Alexandre Vandermeersch
1:53:45 [slides] Making Companies a Better Place – Pascal Bohon
2:35:20 [slides] Roadmap: Accounting improvements for V9 – Quentin De Paoli
3:38:52 [slides] Odoo online platform architecture – Olivier Dony
5:10:11 [slides] From V7 to V8: the new API – Raphael Collet
6:16:15 [slides] Integrating the new PosBox – Frédéric Van Der Essen
7:30:45 [slides] Developing cube views for your objects – Gery Debongnie
8:27:20 [slides] The v8 reporting engine (HTML/Qweb) – Simon Lejeune

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Odoo Opendays Conference (Day 1 – June 4, 2014)

odoo community hub

Great first day of the odoo conference.  Watch the whole conference above or skip to the discussion that you would you like to hear.

–Start————– Day One Event Name ——————————————————
1:10:00 [slides] Introduction Speech – Xavier Pansaers
1:16:55 [slides] What’s new in Odoo V8 – Fabien Pinckaers
1:58:20 [slides] Odoo v8: The framework reborn – Antony Lesuisse
3:17:20 [slides] Developing V8 frontend modules – Xavier Morel
4:11:00 [slides] Contributing (The OCA Community) – Alexandre Fayolle
5:47:45 [slides] Developing V8 backend modules – Raphael Collet
6:49:25 [slides] Developing automated tests for Odoo – Gery Debongnie
8:14:00 [slides] Using runbot to test developments – Olivier Dony
8:47:00 [slides] Odoo and Google Apps – Guillaume Leclercq
9:17:30 [slides] Development environments in 5 mins. – Laurent Mignon

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Warehouse Management improved in OpenERP

Today, OpenERP have merged a most waited improved warehouse features in the Trunk branch. You can test it online at http://runbot.openerp.com choose latest trunk series.

Twitter Wall – #publish news and headlines in public event

Many Public events need a big wall to publish ongoing social media discussion such on Twitter, Facebook, etc…

Create Your Twitter Wall
Create Your Twitter Wall

Visit http://twitter-wall.appspot.com/ to create news wall for free !

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