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Hotel Management Solution – Draft Specification

Hotel Website

  • Hotel Information
  • Online Reservations
  • Events & News
  • Calendar
  • Offers & Packages
  • Public Pricing
  • Agent Pricing, Commissions & Referral Program


  • Availability Status
  • Room Booking
  • Function / Event Booking
  • Arrival List
  • Booking Chart
  • Detailed Booking Chart
  • Bookings of Travel Agency / Company
  • Follow-up Report
  • Booking Confirmation Letter
  • Agent Logins

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Switch between filters quickly !

When we have to work with different reports on the same view, Saving a filters is easiest way to save reports. To switch between those filters or saved reports you need to go to search and choose required filter. What if you get all those filters in terms of tabs on List View ? and allow you to switch between reports quickly.

Here is a prototype model that convert filters in to tabs, after installing web module

Forms to be issue and to be receive for Inter-State, Intet-Warehouse or Export Sales

Due to differance states taxes in India, we have to deal differently while selling and purchases between states, or transfer between warehouse. Like for tax or retail sales of some products with in states if 4 % VAT + 1% Additional VAT is applicable if you sale same product to other state depending on the buyer. If buyer supply C Form then supplier have to apply 2% Tax or else normal or different tax.