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Track your machine or material sent outside company for repairing

We have seen in previous two example related to the Sales Gatepass

In this post lets see how we can track materials which was sent outside company for the repairing. In order to get it repair engineer or plant manager have to follow the same request flow. Once the Indent approve for the repairing of product we are ready to deliver product for the repairing and we should get that product back form the supplier with service charges for the repairing.

Based on the predefine contract or invoice received form supplier we can change the service pricing etc, if supplier change new parts you just need to add that in purchase order you will get automatic incoming shipment for that parts in order to add that as a stock in your inventory.

Go through video below to get the full example.

Track your returnable containers you deliver with products

Continue to previous post “Track outgoing material through Gatepass“. When you are selling some product which can not be deliver without containers and sometime that containers are costlier then the product. Lets take an example of the  Oxygen Gas and Its Cylinder.

When you sale Oxygen Gas you have to deliver in Cylinder so of course you wan to charge or lease the cylinder with nominal fees, in this example we did the same using packaging cost we add the packaging cost to compute the lease charges and at the time of delivery of course through gatepss we have to define that it is returnable sales in order to get the delver container back.

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Track outgoing material through Gatepass

When you have heavy movements of  materials, goods deliveries then  it is better to track all those outgoing deliveries, material for repairing to verify what is issued and what is delivery. In some countries it is also used as a proof document for tax exemptions and computations too.

Gatepass is the document prepared by the Warehouse users and attached with delivery order to instruct the gate kipper to allow deliveries or transfer of materials. Based on the types of gate pass system decide that it is returnable material or not. Usually when we sale it is non-returnable materials.

Go through below vides how gate pass is working in OpenERP.

Manage excise on Incoming Shipments and prepare Invoice based on Excise Receipt

Excise Duty is an indirect tax levied and collected on the goods manufactured in India. Generally, manufacturer of goods is responsible to pay duty to the Government. This indirect taxation is administered through an enactment of the Central Government viz., The Central Excise Act, 1944 and connected Rules – which provide for levy, collection and connected procedures. The rates at which the excise duty is to be collected are stipulated in the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985.

It is mandatory to pay duty on all goods manufactured, unless exempted. For example, duty is not payable on the goods exported out of India. Similarly exemption from payment of duty is available, based on conditions such as kind of raw materials used, value of turnover (clearances) in a financial year, type of process employed etc.

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