Activate enterprise social communication in OpenERP production server

Setting up email integration on OpenERP online version is very easy, when you start your free trial on SaaS. In this post I would like to show you how you can setup the same in your onsite installation, what you need is just control on your email server to create a email address.

Configure Catch all Email Address

Depending on your email server you need to configure catchall email address, so that none of the email bounce back received by your email server, even if that mailbox dozen’t available, It will be great, if you have only one email address on email server which is catchall so that you can provide rest of all other email address within OpenERP.

Some of the most popular server configuration to create catchall email

Once you create a catchall email address on your domain, try to check by sending email on that domain with junk email address i.e, if you receive email in to then you have configure your all catchall email address successfully.

Configure Domain in OpenERP

First things after configuring the catchall email address, you have to setup the domain in General Settings under Settings menu of OpenERP. In my case  am using email address.

Configure Domain in OpenERP
Configure Domain in OpenERP

Once you configure domain in OpenERP, alias have a big role to play while dealing with the incoming and outgoing emails. Each of your user will get automatic email address on that configured domain in terms of alias. Like the same alias is generated for many documents in OpenERP like issue, groups, applicants and yes open-chatter functionality of OpenERP can not run without alias.

Alias in OpenERP

All the alias configured on any documents, users and for specific records are listed under the Alias menu under Emails in the System menu. It is not good to directly deal with the alias, instead better you deal with the related document to change alias (email address).

List of Alias created in system for users, document, etc
List of Alias created in system for users, document, etc

Lets say for example if you want to change the whole company groups email address from to just open the group and edit the alias on that group.

Whole company group with alias
Whole company group with alias

So, now your group is ready to receive an email, to make a test send welcome email to to test whether its working correct or not. You should get an email on your wall that received by all catchall email address and route by email alias in OpenERP.

Keep watching the same blog, where I will explain more about how you can integrate your Enterprise Social Communication to Project, Human Resource and Sales and Purchase very soon.


3 thoughts on “Activate enterprise social communication in OpenERP production server

  1. OpenERP is very nice software and also it has very nice feature to get professional email at very easy way. same as I am using MailEnable and it is providing me the antispam filtering, mail tracking and also very cool feature to connect mail with cloud feature. This software is really very useful for handling multiple account with scheduling and with spam filters.

    1. Hello Petersullivia,
      Mails can be sent and received. My outgoing mail is “”, and i have one user with mail account “”. When I send a mail via OpenERP, in the receipient’s mail box, it shows “Pars Liang (”, this what I DON’T want. I hope that the address can be shown as “Pars Liang (” instead of “Pars Liang (”. If the recepient replies the mail, the mail will go to
      How to solve this issue sir.

  2. Hello,
    It seems that there is an important step is missing here !
    => Configure the incoming server with the address !!!
    Otherwise how OpenERP reads the mailbox if it does not know the password (I mean if it is not configured as such !!!).
    This should apply for both Odoo 7 and Odoo 8.
    Your clarification is welcome …

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