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Activate enterprise social communication in OpenERP production server

Setting up email integration on OpenERP online version is very easy, when you start your free trial on SaaS. In this post I would like to show you how you can setup the same in your onsite installation, what you need is just control on your email server to create a email address.

Configure Catch all Email Address

Depending on your email server you need to configure catchall email address, so that none of the email bounce back received by your email server, even if that mailbox dozen’t available, It will be great, if you have only one email address on email server which is catchall so that you can provide rest of all other email address within OpenERP.

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Enterprise social communication in OpenERP 7

With the launch of its version 7.0, OpenERP become leader in Enterprise Applications. OpenERP can be used on-site and online in all the case you can get same functionality, but will be very easy to test this feature online in order to test that you create your instance online.

Inbox - OpenERP Wall
Inbox – OpenERP Wall

OpenERP’s SaaS Platform is ready with the default configuration in terms of sending and receiving email, and we can have notes and emails attached on any documents.