Track delivery of service using OpenERP 7.0

OpenERP is super cool in terms usable and coverage of the feature, I would like to show you one more proof for the same. I would like to extend last post “Sale Time and Material using OpenERP 7.0” one  was really super coll easy to sale time and material. Now i would like to extend the same to tracking of delivery of service after sales, here i will show you how to track delivery of the service after sale.

In order to understand the tracking process, lets go through an example where first we will sale service and laptop, and do the delivery through warehouse and project management. Lets configure sales process, where it should create a task whenever we sale service kind of product, also you need to configure your produce to be procure on demand and producible.

Lets create a sale order with Time and Material, and sale laptop with its installation and configuration service.

Sale service and Laptop
Sale service and Laptop

Confirm sale order and deliver laptop from the warehouse, after running scheduler you should get the delivery order that will allow you to deliver Laptop to customer.

Delivery of Laptop
Delivery of Laptop

Once you deliver the product “Laptop” you should get the task in to the project management, check under the tasks from the project management.

Task pipes under project management
Task pipes under project management

Open the task, once you start working on it do start task and finish the task when you finish the task. completions of the task shows that service is delivered to the customer.

Complete the task to deliver the service
Complete the task to deliver the service

Now, check the status of sale order, under the sale it should show you the deliver status checked. It indicates that we have successfully what we have promised to customer. Laptop from Warehouse and Installation and Configuration from task management.

Sale order status, its Delivered
Sale order status, its Delivered

Give full visibility on customers task status by activating portal module, and invite them to view the status of the service which hey bought.

Activated portal module
Activated portal module

You can activate more portal modules based on your requirements. Here I made few changes in order to all portal users related to the customer to all them to view the sales order and related task under the project. Please go through screens below to see how customer can track the sale order and their task status.

Sales order, under customer portal
Sales order, under customer portal
Task and its status tracking under customer portal
Task and its status tracking under customer portal

7 thoughts on “Track delivery of service using OpenERP 7.0

    1. Is a very useful feature, however the term SO013:Service is not very useful, is there a way to copy a short description from the SO to the Task saying in this Example “SO013:Installation Laptop”…

      1. It can be done with small change apply below patch to addons

        === modified file ‘project_mrp/’
        — project_mrp/ 2013-03-05 09:10:35 +0000
        +++ project_mrp/ 2013-03-24 07:12:56 +0000
        @@ -72,7 +72,7 @@
        project = self._get_project(cr, uid, procurement, context=context)
        planned_hours = self._convert_qty_company_hours(cr, uid, procurement, context=context)
        task_id = project_task.create(cr, uid, {
        – ‘name’: ‘%s:%s’ % (procurement.origin or ”,,
        + ‘name’: ‘%s:%s’ % (procurement.origin or ”, or ”),
        ‘date_deadline’: procurement.date_planned,
        ‘planned_hours’: planned_hours,
        ‘remaining_hours’: planned_hours,

        1. Hi Mantavya,

          Thank’s for sharing. This blog is one of the greatest resources I use for my begining to OpenErp.

          I’m wondering about one thing. project_mrp create automatically one task for an order line.
          But what about services that require few tasks to be achieved ?
          Is it possible with openerp standard module to create a project and few tasks inside it based on, let’s say, a project template referenced by the product ?
          Or maybe it’s possible by giving “little changes” as one you suggested below ?

          Again thank you.

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