Modules vs Apps in OpenERP 7.0

OpenERP 7, released in the beginning of January 2013 just last month, You can read a release note from OpenERP 7.0 Release Notes. You can also download latest release form OpenERP Website. OpenERP 7.0 comes with lots improvements one of them I am going to discuss here, that is OpenERP Apps store integration with SaaS or local Installation. You must be thinking that what is difference between this OpenERP modules and apps  in new version 7.0. Most of us must be aware about the module and its development since the beginning of TinyERP and OpenERP. Modules in OpenERP is a new business application or extension to the existing application which can be install easily in one click, at the time of installation it will also install automatically dependency based on the module definitions. Before a few years it was easy to manage the modules and its dependency, of course no buddy have think about the version dependency because there was not much more changed at the version point of view.

OpenERP Apps

Today OpenERP becoming Wikipedia of Business Applications, can you imagine that which module to choose today from for your OpenERP Installation on 6.0, 6.1 and 7.0 three different version ?

You can access the Apps list from Settings -> Modules -> Apps.

OpenERP Apps List
OpenERP Apps List

If you have observed this view closely you can see last column which is downloads which shows live count of downloads from the OpenERP Apps store. It means that OpenERP is taking care for the apps including the application and version dependency, of course it is not a free service as its a part of OpenERP Enterprise service.

OpenERP Modules

You must be thinking that how to manage module installation without OpenERP Enterprise, Have a look at another view of the module installation which will show you the local modules and not from the Apps Store.

You can access the Modules list from Settings -> Modules -> Installed Modules.

OpenERP Modules
OpenERP Modules

The only thing you have to take care for the module dependency and module versions while deploying in to the addons folder of OpenERP.

Module vs Apps

Module is what you install directly form your local addons directory whild Apps is what you install from the Apps Store. In case of module you you need to take care for the version and dependency your self, OpenERP Apps store will take care for the version and dependency in case of Apps. Last and important change which is you can not install module on the SaaS while you can install Apps on the SaaS ;).

7 thoughts on “Modules vs Apps in OpenERP 7.0

    1. Thanks it explains the differences. To my opinion you should also mention that a user who wants to install modules from local repository (Installed Modules) should remove the pre-applied filter of “Installed Modules” menu. I am also asking myself if mixing installations form local / apps would cause potential problems if you decide either to update from apps or from .deb packages (local). Anyway i also see and respect the good things (what do people use). On the other hand i can imagine a decision on first step of database installation, leading to hide the one or the other menu, and to explain very detailed waht happens if someone changes from one to another. Obviously two menus for the apps/modules seems to confuse users.

  1. Whoa! This blog looks exactly like my old one!

    It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Great choice of colors!

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