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Sale Time and Material using OpenERP 7.0

OpenERP 7.0 come up with great usability and clear modular approach, In OpenERP 7.0 it allows us to work with Sale Order without consideration of stock management as they removed the dependency of stock from sales module. I would like to show you some of the case where how its easy to manage the delivery of the products and service to gather, in both case where if you have installed the project and project_mro or without project module. Lets go to the Sales order the try to sale time and material to gather, create an sales order as below.

Sale Time and Material to gather
Sale Time and Material to gather

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Modules vs Apps in OpenERP 7.0

OpenERP 7, released in the beginning of January 2013 just last month, You can read a release note from OpenERP 7.0 Release Notes. You can also download latest release form OpenERP Website. OpenERP 7.0 comes with lots improvements one of them I am going to discuss here, that is OpenERP Apps store integration with SaaS or local Installation. You must be thinking that what is difference between this OpenERP modules and apps  in new version 7.0. Most of us must be aware about the module and its development since the beginning of TinyERP and OpenERP. Modules in OpenERP is a new business application or extension to the existing application which can be install easily in one click, at the time of installation it will also install automatically dependency based on the module definitions. Before a few years it was easy to manage the modules and its dependency, of course no buddy have think about the version dependency because there was not much more changed at the version point of view.

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Get better visibility worldwide…

It is a really hard to make your product visible worldwide. But openerp did that without investing much more cost for the marketing. They have proved a new way of launching product that brings much more visibility to your product worldwide. Today you can see that OpenERP is heaving far better visibility then the popular software in either same business model like OpenBravo, Sugar CRM or in the same kind of products like MS Dynamics or Oracle Apps.

OpenERP Visiblity
OpenERP Visiblity

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