Manage service after sales in OpenERP 7.0 !

Service after Sales
Service after Sales

OpenERP 7, released in the beginning of January 2013 just before few days, You can read a release note from OpenERP 7.0 Release Notes. You can also download latest release form OpenERP Website. Here in this post I am going to show you how you can manage the service after sales in OpenERP using new contract management system, of course you need to develop a small module which is very easy with the OpenERP that does automation to manage the same.

Most of the manufacturing or retailer companies manages warranty period for serial numbers and contracts for the service.  Small development of linking delivery order with the contract can make you service after sales very easy. You can manage the service track, all phone calls and email communication based on the serial numbers, so each item along with its full history can be track easily in the system.

Here are the steps for custom development, First steps is to define a field on Product that allows to configure that which kind of product you are servicing after sales.

Product Configuration
Product Configuration

Create a Sales order that going to sale serviceable product, so when you deliver products here am using an example of “USB Adapter” as a serviceable product 😉 of course not a real life example.

Sales Order
Sales Order

What I am going to deliver I need to assign from stock and as serial numbers is required to maintain you have to assign a serial numbers on delivery order.

Delivery Order with serial number
Delivery Order with serial number

Now, its a time to make an important automation, when you confirm delivery it will create a contract for all products which are covered under service after sales contract. You can see the contract I have created below of course I have created manually.

Service Contract
Service Contract

OpenERP 7.0 contract is really a improved a lot in terms of usability and functionally, now you can configure this contract accordingly in below all possible situations.

  • Configure contract for fixed price or some times free usually like an maintenance of Air conditions, provide 3 free service with each sales
  • Charges per call / visit – you can use time-sheet or issue management to track your cost and ask customer to pay the same or more using price list on the contract.
  • Cost for replacing the parts with free service – You can enable Charge Expanse option to track cost for the additional spares you replace during free service.
  • Manage validity of the contract using the start and end dates
  • Manage quantity in terms of dynamic quantity like days, hours, number of free service, free number of calls / visit quarterly / yearly, it straight away depending on your definition.

In order to manage communication, chatter is cool features of OpenERP 7.0 which is used to keep track so many things in system you can also invite your customer to track their contract though portal by inviting for read only access but truly social communication to resolve their problem quick and efficiently, but more effective way to manage the customer complaint is to use the project issue.

True social communication
True social communication

If any one have already developed and using in production can hare their view.

17 thoughts on “Manage service after sales in OpenERP 7.0 !

      1. thats helps a lot… You will write a blog post about this? Our Usecase is the classic one: You sell a Product i.E. Software License or Physical product and attach service to it the Customer can buy as Gold, Silver Bronze version. Once the Product is sold the contract starts.

        1. Its a same case. Start service contract on the product sale, need to make provision for service kind of product for the mevement it will work for stockable and consumable only will make a peovision for service product too.

  1. The creation of the contract after sales works well. What about assigning a contract template for a given product. Lets say you sell your “USB Adapter” and every USB adapter has a contract which ha certain parameters already in the template.

    1. Yes its a good idea !

      I dont thing it will be difficult for you to add new field in product and just do a copy of the cobtract and set othe paramitrs like so no, delivery order no etc..

  2. Hi the information on this blog is just amazing it keeps me coming back time and time again ,personally i met my wife using this site so i couldnt like it any more i have done my best to promote this blog as i know that others need to read this thing ,Thanks for all your effort spent in making this fabulous resource ! ok,nice one Jake

  3. Is it possible to add a after sales contract on an existing product? I can do it for new products but it seems to be impossible for existing serial numbers.

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