Some of the features of OpenERP 7.0

Using 7.0. is as easy as 10 clicks

This one here must be our proudest achievement for the v7.0.! We have been working on usability for 6.0. and 6.1., but we needed to step it up a notch. We are strong believers that using an ERP should not be a challenge. On the contrary, it should be an asset and utility for your business. That’s why, with v7.0. you can now go through a flow in about 10 clicks, with no documentation needed. The flows are set up in such a way that you are simply guided through the actions you have to take. Read More

OpenERP 7.0
OpenERP 7.0

Stages vs. states in OpenERP 7.0.

Straight-forward, clean and structured describe best the kanban interface in OpenERP 7.0. As we are keen on helping users improve their OpenERP experience we think that one way we can help is by helping them save time inputing information or searching for it. So, one of the issues we have noticed in 6.1., is that for the list of opportunitites, tasks, requirement pipeline, etc. you had to jugle between states (open, pending and close) and stages (Preposition, Negociation, Proposition, etc.) to determine their status. This is why we have cleaned the interface allowing you to get immediate access to these items with no distractions. Read More

Graph views in OpenERP redeveloped from scratch

Are you keen on reporting? Do you like having a global view over your data in OpenERP? Then you’ll be glad to know that we have redeveloped from scratch the graph views in OpenERP to make this possible. Besides having a great fresh and new look, the new graphs will help you better visualize your figures. Read More

Graph View
Graph View

Introducing OpenERP Enterprise App Store

When you google “Enterprise App Store”, you will find plenty of articles on software focused on how to develop a corporate policy around the current Apple or Android apps. This is done in order to constraint employees to use only a set of apps that follow corporate guidelines: security checked, open data, etc. Read More

New tags on the block

Recently, we just finished a new feature that we think you’re going to like. We developed a new way for you to add tags to your customers.

It’s no longer needed to open a new window and go though a number of steps just to be able to add a tag. Now, you just write the tag you want and it’s automatically created. Read More

Simplified customer field in OpenERP

In order to avoid any confusion when dealing with contacts in OpenERP, we made some changes. The former structure (partner, address, contact) was too complex and so it wasn’t so suitable for handling situations like B2C, when you have to deal with individuals and not with companies.

How will this help you? In the first place, by eliminating res.partner address object there’s more clarity of who’s who. Before, it was difficult at times for users to understand what’s the difference between a partner and a contact, as not everyone you do business with can be called a partner, but on the reverse side, everyone is a contact. Read More

Integrate your OpenERP with Google docs

We have now developed a module that helps you integrate your OpenERP with google docs. There hasn’t been anything similar developed until now, so everything has been done from scratch. This module is available for the 7.0 in trunk, under de name: google_docs.

Google Doc Configuration
Google Doc Configuration

How will this new module help you? Well, you will be able to create google docs directly from OpenERP objects and link it to that object. Of course, it can be just a normal text document, spreadsheets, presentations or drawings. You have the possibility to choose if you want to create a document from draft or based on a template to copy. Read More

All-in-one new search field

In the last few months, we have done a lot of usability tests to see what needs to be improved, what needs to be completely changed or what needs to be eliminated all together. As a consequence, a feature that was developed to ease up the navigation through OpenERP is the new search field.

Search Field
Search Field

What is new about it? Well, for starters, now you have only one integrated search field. The new search field doesn’t look like a form any more, it has been genuinely designed to look and serve as a search field. We decided to change it as it was a serious usability issue. When trying to search for something, users were fillingin the search field and then clicked create. Read More


One thought on “Some of the features of OpenERP 7.0

  1. HI, Thanks for your overview. I have installed v7 and have been playing around with it. One thing that is confuring me is around product variance. Do you know how, if for example I have a bookcase with two finishes for example ‘white’ or ‘stain’ how to relect that on the order/invoice and how to route the bookcase depending on colour?

    Thanks any help would be apprechiated.

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