Know your caller, Before pick up the call !

Its really a embarrassing situation, when you pickup the call and telly caller try to sale over the phone. I hate those kind of unwanted calls specially when I am in a meeting. Its better to identify those callers before you pickup the calls. My cousin brother suggested me a solution, same I would like to share with you. It is based on the concept of Share and Find, where every uses those who install they share their phone book and by snowball effect today they have 5 Million of users, just imaging the address book entries coming from those 5M of users. You may use website directly without sharing your phone book.

Search your caller
Search your caller


There are many features available with the true caller beside manual searching the people through Phone number. some of them are listed below

Well, If you would like to Truecaller only on the web, still you can suggest telly callers and help the people over the worlds to protect them from call spammers or remove the numbers from the list if it seems not correct according to you knowledge .

Available for

Truecaller is available for almost all smart phones through the related apps store or visit Download page through your mobile.

True caller available for
True caller available for

For further question and knowledge please visit the Truecaller’s community based support center.


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