Protect your network through Untangle !

It is a need of every organization to protect their network from virus, fishing, adds, and some unwanted sites at work place some of the organizations wants to control bandwidth and limits the usage of Internet with in organization. VPN will be necessary of all those organization those allow flexibility for work from home. All those features cost much more to the companies in order to buy the proprietary software like the most popular Cyberoam.

Untangle - UTM Solution
Untangle – UTM Solution

There are many alternatives of such proprietary software, Untangle is one of then. Untangle is the only multi-function firewall solution to offer everything you need as an “application” that you can turn on or off from a virtual rack – radically simplifying network management. Apps are available individually or in packages and work together to accomplish your goals.

Untangle is an opensource solution, but unlike the other opensource it have Community and Enterprise two different versions both versions have the same rack but they are differentiate in term of Free Apps and Paid Apps on the rack. I am not going to discuss about what are the popular paid apps by Untangle but how we can use free apps efficiently just for paying cost of hardware. In order to install Untangle you need a separate computer with minimum 2 LAN cards.

Hardware Recommendations Table

Resource Processor Memory Hard Drive NICs Notes
1-50 Users Atom/P4 equivalent or greater 1 GB 80 GB 2 or more
51-150 Users Dual Core 2 GB 80 GB 2 or more
151-500 Users 2 or more Cores 2 or more GB 80 GB 2 or more
501-1500 Users 4 Cores 4 GB 80 GB 2 or more 64-bit
1501-5000 Users 4 or more Cores 4 or more GB 80 GB 2 or more 64-bit

Good to pay less for 70% – 80% requirements satisfaction, Rather to pay hugs for more then 100% requirements.

Essential Apps for Free

Web Filter lite

Untangle’s Web Filter Lite enables administrators to enforce network usage policies and monitor user behavior. Zero client installation and category block lists make it easier for administrators to:

  1. Protect the network from malware on the web
  2. Block potentially time-wasting sites like MySpace
  3. Conserve bandwidth by blocking video downloads
Web Filter lite
Web Filter – Category configuration

Features of Web filter

  1. Categories update automatically
  2. Add your own URLs and file types to block, log, or pass
  3. No proxy settings required
  4. Local database ensures fast web browsing
  5. Reporting and event logs help monitor web browsing behavior
  6. Set time and user-based policies (e.g. allow shopping during lunch and outside business hours)
  7. Pass, Block, and Logging options for all categories, such as porn, gambling and social networking sites like Facebook


Firewalls draw the line that separates internal and external networks. Untangle’s Firewall filters traffic based on IP address, protocol and port, which enables administrators to:

  1. Designate which systems and services (HTTP, FTP, etc.) are publicly available
  2. Run as a transparent bridge to complement pre-existing firewalls
  3. Control inbound and/or outbound access to specifics IPs and ports
Firewall - Rules configuration
Firewall – Rules configuration

Features of Firewall

  1. Open source and free under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
  2. Easily blocks sessions based on simple rules
  3. Rules can be based on a variety of attributes

Good things i like about Untangle is on/off switch for each application which allows you to start stop each layer independent of each other without uninstalling and loosing any configurations.

Application Rack
Application Rack

Other Free Apps

Live Demonstration and Download

2 Minute Video Intro »       Live Demo »

Untangle 9.3

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