Released Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) Beta 2

Yesterday 27th September 2012, Ubuntu has releases its 2nd beta version of Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal), I didn’t get time to review 1st beta version but after my review for the 2nd beta i would just say “Its amazing…”.  It bring lots of changes in terms of Apps versions, Preview feature, Integration with Online shopping, Online Accounts, and specially cloud storage which is a new menu they included.

Apps Upgraded

New Applications in Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.10 come up with the latest versions of popular apps, including:

Preview feature


As its name preview, this features was already there but 12.10 brings some improvements towards the same. It gives the preview of the files, folders in ubuntu while exploring the document section under main menu. Just by right-clicking on the files and folders you can get required all information without opening it in In order view. It shows the different view based on the files.

Online Account

Online Accounts in Ubuntu 12.10
Online Accounts in Ubuntu 12.10

One of the most important and great feature I would say is change the way of managing accounts, Idea behind it simple: you log-in/add your online accounts in one place and then other apps, such as email clients, IM clients, Photo uploaded, Lenses, etc, pull in your data from there.

Remote Login

Remote Login

The login prompt now includes an option for remote desktop access, so it’s not even necessary to log into your local copy of Ubuntu. If you’ve set up an Ubuntu Remote Login Account, the Remote Login gives access to any remote machines you’ve added to that account, which appear as entries in the login prompt.


As with anything and everything badged with the word ‘development’ I would advise against installing this beta candidate as your main OS on your main computer.

But curiosity is to be expected, so if you’re going to try this beta out play it cautious by using live media (such as a USB drive or DVD) or by installing it in a Virtual Machine.

You’ll find all the links you need – .iso, .zsync and .torrent – at the link behind the button below. Where possible you are encouraged to use the .torrent files.

Download Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 

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