Refunding customer Invoice in OpenERP 6.1 !

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In order to understand the problem of customer refund consider an business case.

Axelor made purchase of Basic PC on 1st May 2012, Made the payment through 2 bank cheque with 200 EUR and 250 EUR corresponding cheques are 392920 and 392923.

Now they found that there is problem in computer and they want refund, company agrees to do the refund in 2 installments 1st with 250 EUR and second with 200 EUR on 22nd June 2012 and 30th June 2012.

With the normal configuration it is not possible to deal with this transaction, you need to do certain changes in order to succeed in partial payments. Lets see how it is very simple and easy to process partial refund payments.

Create a customer Invoice with customer as Axelor for Basic PC.

Invoice of 450 EUR to Axelor on 1st May 2012

For the movement i am not discussing refund of the tax invoice, it is an another topics that how we can manage the accounting entries for the tax invoice and its refund along with the tax refund.

Lets make the payment through 2 bank cheques with 200 EUR and 250 EUR corresponding cheques are 392920 and 392923

Partial payment from Axelor – 200 EUR

2nd, full and final payment from Axelor.

Final payment from Axelor – 250 EUR

Now lets create refund invoice from fully paid invoice. and i will show you how you can change the account in order to fix the current problem.

Select customer payable account instead of customer receivable.

In order to fix the problem you have change few things in customer refund form, You have to remove the domain from account field on the so it can accept customer payable account instead of customer receivable account. Now confirm invoice and do not use Pay invoice method form Refund Invoice.

Account statement for Axelor

Go to supplier payment and do the payment, instead of payment button on Customer Refund invoice.

First refund, and account statement after that.

Lets do final payment and close the Axelor’s account. So just by changing small configuration you can fix a problem of partial payment of customer refund invoice.

Final payment for Axelor refund invoice.

Same problem you can fix by swapping account in the supplier refund invoice.

2 thoughts on “Refunding customer Invoice in OpenERP 6.1 !

  1. Hi,

    I have a small question about the partial payment in this article. When I try to reproduce this kind of partial payments, I have an error: “You have to provide an account for the write off/exchange difference entry !” even if I choose to keep the invoice open.

    Do you have any clue why I get this annoying behavior? Did you installed a specific module to have OpenERP behave like it did for you?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

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