OpenERP – The Next Generation ERP


A Next Generation Opensource business model have build the Next Generation ERP, OpenERP meets all many features to become meet next-generation Enterprise Software.

Here are the parameters to be a next generation enterprise software, which meets by OpenERP.

Commitment from OpenERP

OpenERP is based on the ecosystem and as as an editor is committed to continuous development on core features of OpenERP, as an result you can see the lots of development has been done by the TinyERP / OpenERP in last 6 years. It also provides commitment to keep your production bug-free and migration to next major release in terms of OpenERP Enterprise.

Delivery model in OpenERP

OpenERP is delivering solution on both platform, without locking on data or modules. OpenERP can be deployed on private onsite and on Saas online as well.


ERP software that promotes collaboration is another essential in next-generation ERP. as an result you can see there are e-commerce, courier service integration, etc..

Flexible and Modifiable Platform

OpenERP and its API is opensource, dynamic and based on the OpenObject framework, which allows developer to write any module quickly based on the existing. It is very easy write a new module for OpenERP, with the power of Object Relation mapper, view, reports and business process by XML or HTML.

Role-Based Functionality

OpenERP’s is offering security for data in terms of Access Control, Record Rules, Users and Groups, Group management in openerp is provide a real role & responsibility model that can fit in any organization.

Push Based Information

OpenERP is very much user friendly, OpenERP’s usability team is working with the lambda uses in order to identify the gape between user understanding and they way normal user behaves with software, hen helps OpenERP to come up with lots of information in less numbers of clicks.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

As OpenERP is based on the cloud or in private network and allow access through its really next generation web layer given by in OpenERP’s Version 6.1 you can access date anytime, anywhere even in mobile using OpenERP’s web client.

Business Intelligence

Yes, here openerp has to work hard, But I think it has very powerful functionality on each screen which allows you to do a on screen analysis using Group By.. option, you may find on almost all important screen you would like to analyse like Sales, Invoice, Leads analysis, etc

Works with your Existing IT Systems

OpenERP give you very much flexibility to allow your existing IT infrastructure stay as it is and be a compatible with it. Like it allows simple integration with your web store, allow you to store your office documents in its integrated document management system, It can also compatible with your VOIP system to work with the leads and opportunities.

Corporate-Wide Visibility

OpenERP gets worldwide visibility through its partners network around 80+ countries and and millions of user worldwide. It is also widely supported by its large community of 1939+ active members.

OpenERP have some other features which is beyond the next generation ERP’s. Like It allows your to start using with only one module and gradually increase number of modules to automize your business process with OpenERP.

OpenERP’s new version which is 7.0 under development it will be a Next Generation Social ERP, which will change the definition of Enterprise Software. Enterprise software will talk with each other socially in order to do business through its unique and cool EDI feature.

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