2 Step verification for google accounts with advanced sign In security

Have you observed the google’s 2 steps verification system in your google account settings ? You might be using it if you are an Google Apps user, but if you did not use it just go through this page and and you can start using it.

What is 2SV for Google/gmail account

Google has launched a new and advanced security system that should help users protect their Google account against few hacking techniques such as Hacking by key-loggers, Phishing scams, password stealing etc! Few of you must have experienced how painful it is to get hacked by someone and it turns to be worst if the hacker starts using your hacked account for other scams such as sending unwanted and vulgar mail to your friends/family.

Also, once lost, it becomes too hard to get the account back! Here is a new feature which will enable you protect your account from being stolen.

Google 2SV system asks for a second layer verification code, besides your user name and password, that must be entered to log in to your Google a/c. Once enabled, it checks the browser cookies for authentication and if it’s a new browser/system, it asks for second level verification code that could be

  1. verification code sent to your primary/secondary mobile.
  2. verification code given to you by a voice call from Google automated system.
  3. back up code generated and stored by you.

How to activate 2 step verification for your Google account :

To enable 2 Step Verification, visit your “account page” and click on “Using 2-step verification” or directly click here. You’ll get a user friendly page where you’ll be asked to enter and verify 2 mobile numbers ( one primary that will be used mainly for sending verification code via sms/automated calls and one secondary number that will be used in case you can’t get verification code on your primary number or primary number is lost/stolen ). After successfully verifying two mobile numbers, ten 8 digit backup codes ,which are one-time-use codes, will be generated which can be used as verification codes in case of emergency, e.g., you’ve lost access to both the phones or both the phones aren’t working! It is advised that you take a print out of back up codes and keep them at safe and easy-to-access place so that you don’t get into frustration by not being able to access your google account, if you ever lose access to both your mobile phones or in other emergency cases!

Login in to System

Step – 1:Login again in to your account

Activate 2nd Step Verification using SMS / Call Service

Step 2 – Enable service by sms code activation

Finally activate 2SV

Service Activation

I will lost my account ? If I lost my phone ?

No at all, you can still access your account in case if you lost your phone but for that you have to take some prevention by activating back phone numbers or by taking Printable Backup Code, you can use this code in case of lost of phone.

Activating backup or get Printable Backup Code

To activate backup phone numbers is the same process as activation of 2SV. But it is also advisable to keep backup codes with you in your wallet.

Backup Codes

Enjoy 2nd Level of Verification on google account.


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