Manage your checkbooks with OpenERP !

I am back after a long time, In my this post I would like to discuss about the OpenERP checkbook system. You may think that there is no menu named like “Check Books”, yes you are right.

The existing accounting framework is enough to manage the checkbooks in OpenEPR, I am going to show you how you can have checkbook system that manages the bank payment transaction efficiently.

Setting up new database with OpenERP 6.1

Select Application to Install

Lets Install Accounting and Finance module with Accounting Voucher functionality. After Installation go through some of the important configurations to have Checkbook cuntionality, analysis and tracking of each cheques in system.

Configure each bank type journal as a single checkbook, ans name it properly to identify it correctly in in the system, It will help you to generate perfect analysis reports.

Configure Journal – Treat one Bank journal as a checkbook

Once the journal created you have to make some changes in to the journal sequence as follows, to have the automatic check numbers on the supplier payment vouchers.

Now, your book is ready for writing the check, lets do some expense and then pay using cheque.

Invoice from Axelor

Lets Pay in 2 part using 2 cheques and get the reports using group by journals as below.

Supplier payment, group by Journals

It displays all cheque payments by the cheque books. have a look some more payment with the other cheque books with the cheque status.

Cheque analysis, with status and amount

Try same feature on OpenERP Online Demo, for more details please visit OpenERP website.

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