Project Training Program at OpenERP India

Tiny ERP Private Limited is a subsidiary of OpenERP which is a leading Open Source Business Applications vendor. OpenERP is working on open source ERP products since 1998. The Company is looking for Project Trainees to learn and work OpenERP business application for its Development center at India location.

OpenERP is one of most downloaded open source software’s for enterprise management. It is a free for use that boosts productivity and profit through integration. It connects and improves business processes; sales, finance, supply chain, project management, and related areas. It has more than 1300+ modules (, 100+ official employee working on more then 800+ active branches ( and more then 1000+ contributors( worldwide.

TinyERP Private Limited, is recruiting 20 – 30 project trainees every year to grow the team size in India operation.  Recruitment process start in the month of end of the september and end by the end of november every year. If you reading this new and want to apply for the project training program send your latest cv at [ jobs at ].

OpenERP has been developed in open source tool and technologies like Python, PostgreSQL, Etc… OpenERP works on various platforms for development and for the End Users. The most interesting thing for developers and solution providers is, it has an excellent application architecture for rapid development. OpenERP itself provides easy and flexible framework for the customization and core development.

For more details please visit OpenERP.

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