Implement OpenERP for Service company

Team of Professionals

Are you working for or running a professional service, like charted accounting, support center, annual maintenance / service contracts, etc. where you have to keep concentrate on your customer communication and service level, to make them satisfy and up to date with the real time updated information. OpenERP is ready to helps you in that case, the generic way of managing customer communications, keep track of projects, tasks and time management, Billing based on the tasks or projects or time spend which is base of any professional services, All this will give you a full control on your professional services.

Some Problems

Here are some questions which I would like to ask, before you look in to details of OpenERP, If any of the questions is a real problem for you, OpenERP is ready to help you with its open source business model which will offer you solution at comparatively very low cost.

  • Are you professional service provider and you do not have global control on your services ?
  • Are you engaged in partnership firm, and sharing profit based on the workload ?
  • You do not have full control on your well trained professionals ?
  • Facing problems to prove gape between your professionals and customer communication ?
  • Your current communication system is not automated ?
  • You do not want to invest big amount of money in Hardware or Software infrastructure to automated your business processes ?
  • Do you have a proper resource planing over the concurrent running customer projects ?
  • Do you get the work efficiently from your professional workforce ?

I have listed some of the question which are faced by many of small or medium professional service organizations. The biggest problem is getting updated with the latest information and ongoing activities in organization. The second problem is not enough track on the customer communications. Not enough control to manage the targeted time over the targeted budget. Not proper invoicing based on the list of activities done for projects.

lets take an example to understand those problems and then I will show you how you can over come from all those problems with help of OpenERP, complete and True business suite .

ABC Financial Consultancy

ABC Consultancy Private Limited is located in Bangalore providing the professional service starting from Opening new company and Manage the same. In short they provide all kind of services to the company which are essential to open the company and to run, prepare and submit, accounting and submit all legal and accounting document to the government year by year.

Abc company consultancy firm is heaving staff of 25 people, and 2 joint owners, one of them is company secretary and second is charted accountant, and many are accountants and experts of taxation, while some of experts in preparing yearly financial reports.

OpenERP works for ABC financial consultancy

Company is using OpenERP to maintain the customer projects, and related workforce, they use the same to invoice based on the fixed price and task / hours based price. as they are managing some of the projects on fixed price while some of the projects on the time / task based. Look at the sample invoice prepared by the ABC Consultancy.

Invoicing to customers.

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