Import Contacts in OpenERP

You will be surprised that why I have placed the picture of Gnome Conduit project, as here I have to talk about importing Contact in to OpenERP. This weekend I was playing with conduit to import the contacts in to OpenERP from the different sources of contacts like .vcf file, Evolution and Google Contacts.

What is Conduit?

Conduit is a synchronization application for GNOME. It allows you to synchronize your files, photos, emails, contacts, notes, calendar data and any other type of personal information and synchronize that data with another computer, an online service, or even another electronic device.

Conduit manages the synchronization and conversion of data into other formats. For example, Conduit allows you to Synchronize your Tomboy notes with another computer Synchronize your PIM data to your mobile phone, iPod, Nokia Internet tablet, or between computers

Install Conduit

Installation of conduit is very simple like other software packages, Go to Terminal in your computer and execute the below command.

$ sudo apt-get install conduit

Once you ready with the conduit installed on your computer, you require a module for conduit that imports contact. Please download OpenERP module for conduit and install it in ~/.config/conduit/modules directory, If you don’t have modules directory please create it yourself.

Install OpenERP module in Conduit
Install OpenERP module in Conduit

Run conduit, after installation of OpenERP conduit module in conduit modules directory, you will get OpenERP module under the Office groups.

Import Contacts

If you are new to conduit please go through Conduit User documentation. It is very easy to use drag & drop feature, The source and sink features is extreamly great. Create a group for importing a data from Source (Google Contact, Evolution Contact or Vcard File) to OpenERP, look at below I have created a group to import data from Evolution to OpenERP and I wanted to import data in two OpenERP Servers at a same time.

Add Source and Sink
Add Source and Sink

Configure OpenERP, you need to input the regular configuration information of the OpenERP like server url, port, database and username / password to connect to OpenERP server. Look at the screen below

Configure Evolution data source
Configure Evolution Data Source


Once the configuration of components comes in a ready state, it indicates that group is ready to synchronize. You need to do synchronization manually by right click on group you wanted to synchronize.

Configure OpenERP Connection
Configure OpenERP Connection

According to me this is the simplest way to not only import but synchronize all your contacts periodically in to the OpenERP. Good thing with conduit is we can import contacts from Google, Evolution, Vcards easily and synchronize single source of contacts with the multiple sink of OpenERP server instances in a single import / sync process.



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