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Integrate your Java application with OpenERP

Before a long time I have placed an example on my post that shows how your java application can talk with OpenERP server easily.
In this post I am going to show you the prototype implementation for java library. It will be very easy use with existing java application, which does not required major changes to application code. Java developer can use this library as like the others due to its easy access. XML-RPC library is already available for the Java, but it is not advisable to use that library directly where you have a large scale application to manager. A flexible api is suitable for the large scale integration.
Well, the class diagram which I am going to show you here it is just an starting point of the Java Library, Which is going to implement at Java Library for OpenObject trunk branch at
Class Diagram - Java Library for OpenERP
Class Diagram – Java Library for OpenERP
Your valuable comments are welcome to make it more efficient, and powerful. Those who want to contribute in this library can join Indian community of the OpenERP and propose a merge for the same.