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Export data from Tally

Tally to OpenERP

During this weekend I was playing with my old laptop having Windows and Tally  installed. Instantly I played with tally  and tried to check that if i can integrate it with OpenERP. I get some solutions on my first investigation that allows to access data outside tally, many solutions works on the windows with the .NET, C# or Vb 6.0.

During my investigation I found that, there are two ways to access data of tally, one is using Tally ODBC Driver and the second is communicating to Tally server through XmlHttpRequest. The second method is appropriate if we want to export date from Tally to OpenERP.
Thanks to the example given by, It gives me clear idea how I can interact with the Tally data. I can read and write the data from and to Tally easily through any application. Based on the example I have prepared, It is a small prototype that imports all vouchers from Tally, look at below for code.
Read all vouchers from Tally
This code will return xml data that describe the detailed list of vouchers including payment, receipt, sales, purchase and contra. Before importing vouchers I think its better to imports all master data like Accounts, Products, Inventory, Tax, Etc..

Setting up account module in OpenERP

It is easy to start working with OpenERP account module, starting a new company or carry-forward the entries to next financial year. We have seen in my last post Want to setup OpenERP Accounting module?,
In this post I would like to show you how we can configure journals, chart of accounts and start working with financial transactions. Auditing is most important process in Indian accounting system. It has to be perform at the end of every financial years for small and medium size companies but quarterly for big or public companies. The second and most important things is quarterly balance sheet. Well OpenERP’s account module is capable enough to provide lots of flexibility so that we can generate monthly balance sheet too. Lets start configuration of Periods, Journals, Accounts.Download the configured database before proceeding the article, If you wanted to checkout configuration step by step on the live database.

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