Want to setup OpenERP Accounting module ?

I am back again after a long time to submit my one more interesting post on OpenERP Accounting module. This time I would like to show you complete implementation of the accounting module instead of discussing the individual small feature.
For that I have prepared the sample requirements specification on behalf of ABC Private Limited, Ahmedabad.


  • Company running Indian financial year with Indian chart of account
  • Configurations of Journals
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Expanse
  • Asset
  • Cash
  • Bank
  • Contra
  • Account Charts
  • Configure more accounts
  • List of Opening Account
  • Customers / Receivables
  • China Exports – 50,000 Dr
  • Asus – 36000 Dr
  • Suppliers / Payable
  • Axelor – 4000 Cr
  • Distrub PC – 3,50,000 Cr
  • Computer & Laptops  – 7,50,000
  • Furniture (Chair / Tables) – 3,50,000
  • Air-Conditions – 48,000
  • Consumable Stationary – 4,500
  • Car – 1,75,000
  • Cash on Hands – 500
Look at the Balance sheet as on the 1st April after carry forward all entries to the new financial year 2010-2011
Balance sheet as on 1st April 2010
You can also download the complete configured database. You can also download some of the reports printed from this database.
My plan is to explain complete implementation process for the movement we have complete the first phase, to import the opening entries as per the ABC Private Limited books as on 1st April 2010. In my next blog i will explain how to working with the transactions like customer / suppliers invoices, and their payment with respect to the payment terms and taxes. Have a look at some of the planned expanse for company

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