Document Management System in OpenERP 6.0

Managing the documents manually is very complex, specially when you have to keep the track and maintain the documents  in the large system like ERP. OpenERP 6.0 has many improved features, Document Management is one of that. Knowledge is the main application in version 6.0 and it has document management, wiki content management, access all document across the FTP.Lets install the document management with content management.
Step 1: Install Knowledge Management
Now, Configure the Knowledge management system by installing the content management and ftp access. you can also install the content templates to get the help .
Step 2: Configure Knowledge Management
You can configure your ftp server that allow you to access your document outside the system.
Step 3: Configure FTP Server
Once you configure the FTP Server, Installation steps are over and now your document management system is ready to use, or you may configure in detail.The storage media configuration is most important when you are going to work with the large number of document. you can define Database or Disc as your document storage location.
Step 4: Configure Storage Media
Now, we will create two types of directories. Static and OpenERP resource based – Dynamic directories. In static directory we can place the documents manually and in the dynamic directory we have to configure more to create a document from reports or create a subdirectories based on the related resources.
Static Directory
OpenERP allows to add the documents easily through FTP access, you need to copy some document and past it in to the static directory and it will automatically added to the OpenERP server, lets add some document through FTP and try to see inside OpenERP.
Press Alt + F2, Enter FTP Server URL
Copy/Paste some document
If we look in to OpenERP inside “Static Directory” we will get all the document created, You can try by creating the directory using the FTP access and try to see inside OpenERP. It will create a directory structure. So, Its very to work with the document through FTP server.
Access Document inside OpenERP
Now, lets create a dynamic directories based on the OpenERP resources. here I am going to configure each partner have their own directory contains  partners related document like overdue report, and ledger.
Directory per partners

Configuration to create automatic files based on the partners reports.

Report configuration

Accessing directory – look at the bellow image you can see directories created automatic with 2 reports, overdue payment and party ledger.

Access Partners Directory and automatic created Reports

Please download the database to get more examples on the same.

One thought on “Document Management System in OpenERP 6.0

  1. Hi, thank you for this post I agree with you that Managing the documents manually is very complex, especially when you have to keep the track and maintain the documents in the large system like ERP. very useful information

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