Post blog entries from your Ubuntu desktop

Your author is not a particular fan of blogs, believing that it is better to be an idiot in silence than to write a blog and prove it to the world. However, he realizes he is in the minority, as do the GNOME developers (probably), who provide an excellent piece of software to create quick blog entries straight from your Ubuntu desktop.Use Synaptic to search for and install gnome-blog. Once installed, right-click a blank spot on the panel and select Add to panel. Then select Blog Entry Poster from the list.
One time configuration !
The program is designed to work with blogs hosted at, Advogato, or Live Journal. alternatively, you can configure the software to work with MovableType, Pyblosxon or WordPress installations on your own website.

When it runs for the first time, the program will ask you to setup your blog details. You’ll need to set the blog type in the Blog Type dropdown list, and then set your username and password (if you’re attempting to access blog software you’ve manually installed on a website, you’ll also need to provide the URL). Then click the Lookup Blogs button to both confirm the details are correct and to retrieve the list of blogs that you can use the applet to contribute to. Once the lookup has completed, select its entry from the Blog Name dropdown list. Note that you can only contribute to one blog using the applet.

Post directly from Blogger Applet !!
To make a new posting, just click the applet’s button on the panel. Type the title, as prompted, and then the body of the posting into the window. Then click the Post Entry button. Pictures can be dragged and dropped onto the posting window for inclusion too.

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