A Great utility Gnome Thumbnail Font !

Gnome-thumbnail-font is a great utility if you want to quickly create text banners as a image file, perhaps for use on websites or presentations, you can use GNOME’s font preview tool. It isn’t really designed for this but appropriation of existing commands is the beauty of Linux!
You need to specify the text, plus which font to use (including its full path), and the output filename. The following will create a banner saying ‘Ubuntu 10.04’ using the Ubuntu font contained within my Linux/Windows partition, outputting a file called banner.png
Obviously, if want to use the windows font, you should ensure your Windows partition is mounted (select its entry on the Places menu) before running any command using fonts contained in its file system.
You can also playing with image size by using the convert command look at  http://tinyurl.com/b44a4j
Source : Ubuntu Kung Fu Book

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