Want to access OpenERP using Java XML-RPC ?

XML-RPC can be used with Python, Java, Perl, PHP, C, C++, Ruby, Microsoft’s .NET and many other programming languages. Implementations are widely available for platforms such as Unix, Linux, Windows and the Macintosh.
You can download the xml-rpc library from apache, and test the following code to do the login, create, write read, search, I will test and put the correct syntax for the rest of the service like wizard workflow and report. currently i have tested this library for the common and object service only.
Login to OpenERP using Java XML-RPC

Code for Loginhttp://bpaste.net/show/tG1FZrl18FdL2GRUQmAj/
Code for Create Recordhttp://bpaste.net/show/pJ6SCtfunRqoFmdmUOEf/


3 thoughts on “Want to access OpenERP using Java XML-RPC ?

  1. Hello i tried this code but i have this exception :org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcClientException: Failed to read servers response: Octet 2 de la séquence UTF-8 à 3 octets non valide.
    Heeelp me plz how can i solve this problem

  2. Hello, is it posible to upload the code again? It seems like it’s not available any more, by the way did you developed the code for the workflow and reports?

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