Tooltip in OpenERP

TooltipThe tooltip is a common graphical user interface element. It is used in conjunction with a cursor, usually a mouse pointer. The user hovers the cursor over an item, without clicking it, and a tooltip may appear — a small “hover box” with information about the item being hovered over.

The term tooltip originally came from older Microsoft applications (like Microsoft Word 95), which had a Toolbar where moving the mouse over the buttons (the Toolbar icons) displayed these Tooltips, a short description of the function of the tool in the Toolbar. More recently, these Tooltips are used everywhere, not only on Toolbars.
OpenERP have done many improvements in the usability, tooltip is one of them, you will be getting surprise but there are many small changes have made for the tooltips. Lets see one by one.

Tooltip on Label

Do mouse hover when you see the “?” before any label, Form example below in the screen detailed description for the Sales Team field on the Opportunity View.
Tooltip for Sales Team

Tooltip on Action

Version 6.0 introduce a new way for quick explain of functionality when any form form is load on the screen. you can customize or add any missing information on any action. look at the code that you have to write to add help text to any action.
Tooltip appears on List view, defined on the related Action
Close current tip : By clicking on this button, you can close the current tooltip appear on the current form.
Disable all tips
By clicking on this button, you can disable tooltip for all forms, By chance if you click on this button a tooltip will disappear in OpenERP, you can restore tooltp from the User -> Preference.
Restore menu tooltip by enabling Menu Tips.
Tooltip for Developers & Implementers
This tooltip is very much useful for the developers and those who are doing the quick customizations where developers have to remember the name of fields, types, domain and keys of the context. Now we can get the information for the fields just from the views itself without opening the code from module.
Tooltip for the Debuggers.
Information related to the domain, context and type of the field are really usefully to get i terms of tooltip when you working with the code and easy to get the reference without looking in to the detailed code. you can enable this tooltip for the gtk and web client by supplying the -l debug option which starting the client
It would be great if OpenERP can display xml-key for the views in the tooltip of form. It will made easy to track the form in xml files. But any way for the movement OpenERP have done small improvement so, now you can get this information from the view. Look at the below image where you can see the xmlId for the Partner form.
XML-KEY for the Partner form

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