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Currency Symbols in OpenERP

OpenERP is doing lots of Improvement from the usability point of view. There is a small but good improvement in the reports that is allows to print the currency symbol on the report.
Currency configuration with new field Symbol
All accounting reports are improved, now all reports are displaying the currency symbol with the amount. It helps lot when the reports are showing the multi-currency transactions. Look at the partner ledger reports which is heaving the multiple currency transaction.
Partner ledger report

Are you waned to add the Indian currency symbol ₹ to OpenERP ?
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Business API – Really required in OpenERP ?

OpenObject is foundation of the OpenERP Project, OpenObject is written in python and it is having the rich GTK / KDE / Web clients. It has well defined set of API’s to design, create, deploy and access the application rapidly, i.e (predefined orm, set of fields and their visual mappings), that’s why it is also called as a RAD Framework.
The simplicity of the API’s make it a powerful framework. We can divide the OpenObject into the following components.

Voucher made periodical reconciliation very easy

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You have seen the simplicity of the Sales Receipt, and Sales Payment in my last two videos. It is very easy to working with the Vouchers. Manual and Automatic reconciliation are the ways to manage the periodical reconciliation process. We have also a way to manage bank reconciliation using Bank Statements.  In all the cases we have to take care in the reconciliation process that we have to match the correspondence entries to reconcile. The new innovative way which voucher offers is really simple and user friendly. It will automatically reconcile sales, and purchase with the payment, receipt and available credits.

Accounting Vouchers – Sales Payment

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Here is one more video that demonstrate the Sales payment very simple and easy account entry encoding system, which is develop for the OpenERP new version 6.0. you can see its very easy to do a sales entry with the sales tax, and easy to track the entries too.

More videos on the OpenERP 6.0 Account will be available soon.