Courier Management module !

Hello !
The basic courier management module is going to be available in trunk-extra-addons very soon. I am happy to write that our engineers working on it, New engineers joined before a month and just finished the Technical and Functional training . After the small examination we will be able to judge the expertise of engineers. Evaluation is a medium to test and improve the quality of the Indian developers. Indian developers are very quick learner and quicker in development process, it will be great it they achieve code quality in module development process.
Our goal is
  • Understanding the development process.
  • Understanding the module design process.
  • Familiar with the development platform – lp.
  • Understanding the hidden requirements.
  • Development of clean module.
  • Over all understand the OpenERP architecture – Technically and Functionally under the development environments.
Here is a design of the module courier which was design and decided by the Senior engineers.
Courier Management System
One courier company OpenFlightAhmedabad. It has 1000 branches all over the world, and they would like to have courier module under the OpenERP. 
  • System should allow to configure multiple branches
  • Each branch has 
  • 2 Sale Persons
  • 1 Accountant
  • N Delivery boys
  • Price should be calculated based on the Weight / Transport Medium / distance
  • by bus  :  100 Gram  : 100 Rs : 1 days
  • by bus  :   100 Gram  : 50  Rs : 2 days
  • by train:  100 Gram  : 30  Rs : 3 days
  • by  air  :  1 KG      : 200 Rs : 1 days 
  • Receipt of Courier from any branch
  • Delivery of couriers to any branch / location 
  • System should generate multiple paths based on the locations with different distance / price / Medium
  • Allow users to track their courier 
  • User can see his courier history online.
  • Live updates of couriers – Email / SMS / Live url to see from and to location on google map
  • Accounting for every Branch
Routing Work-flow to define on courier – states can be as follows
  • Draft
  • Packing
  • In Progress
  • Dispatched
  • Invoiced
  • Return
  • Lost
  • Damaged
  • Claim
  • Refunded
  • Delivered
Open Claims – – If courier missed / lost / damage / etc.
Reports : Based on Location / Delivery Boy
  • Delivery Receipt
  • Bill / Receipt / Invoice
  • Claim Receipt – Claim number
  • Delivery List
  • Sale by Branch
  •  Return List
System Statistics
  • Courier Status – Based on Branch / Whole company
  • Routing Status – Based on Branch / Whole company
  • Todays Delivery – Based on Branch / Whole company
  • Area wise Collection / Delivery – Based on Branch / Whole company
Class Diagram

Module will be evaluate and publish soon.

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