Monthly Archives: June 2010

Quick Configuration – ServerAction !

Hello !!

Make your system automated, send email on the confirmation of invoice. please go through presentation to configure server action and smtpclient.

Prepare a Object Operation base on the Server Action soon.. !

Courier Management module !

Hello !
The basic courier management module is going to be available in trunk-extra-addons very soon. I am happy to write that our engineers working on it, New engineers joined before a month and just finished the Technical and Functional training . After the small examination we will be able to judge the expertise of engineers. Evaluation is a medium to test and improve the quality of the Indian developers. Indian developers are very quick learner and quicker in development process, it will be great it they achieve code quality in module development process.
Our goal is
  • Understanding the development process.
  • Understanding the module design process.
  • Familiar with the development platform – lp.
  • Understanding the hidden requirements.
  • Development of clean module.
  • Over all understand the OpenERP architecture – Technically and Functionally under the development environments.
Here is a design of the module courier which was design and decided by the Senior engineers.