Configure Google Apps for MailBox

Hello !!!
Google Apps is again a good and service for small and medium organization as its goving up to 50 free users for email and other related service each user have default 7GB spage to work with emails, document and websites.
To sign up Google Apps, go to and register new domain as Administrator.

Next page will asking for the some information related to the Administration and Organization.

Next step will aske you about account setting up requirenments. It asked for adminstrator user name and password for the same.
Once you pass this screen successfully says you get the registered with the google apps. now we have to start configuration for each and every service one by one, for that we have to configure DNS server.
Step 1: Verify your Domain Registration and Active it
In this verification process we do not have a web server with us so we can not be able to create a new html page but we have flullcontroll on the DNS server on EveryDNS so we can easily create a CNAME record.
Have a look at the CNAME configuration in DNSServer as follows.
And click on the “I have completed this Step” and it will check for the cname record in dns settings. and finally you will get the Control panel setting for your domain.
Step 2: Activating Email Service
Go to the email configuration to setup the email delivery setup. where we need to specify MX records to the dns server so that email will be reached to specified mail server defined for your domain. go to page
MX Server address Priority
Add this all MX entries to your domain settings. have a look at full configured domain settings entries.

After clicking on button I have completed this Settings Google Apps will start checking for MX records for your domain once it verify the mx records in your domain it will activate email settings. Here i want to use Google Apps for emails only so i will disable other services.

Now click on Inbox it will display the google application admin email inbox for your domain name.

With in few hours you will be able to send and receive email using your email accounts, also you can create a new 49 email accounts.


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