Build your Website for free !!!

We have seen in previous two blogs that how we can get the free domain name from and host that domain on name server
Blogs ralates to that
In this blow i am going to show you how you can host your own web site for free using your existing free domain name registered to Co.CC. we can ues any one from the most plular bloging services for the web pages building from following list
Both services provide configuration for custom domain setting that allows custom url for your blog. Lets check for Blogger a great service from Google. go to your blog publishing page under blog settings.
First setting we have done in blogger now we have to second settings in our dns server we have to do certain settings that will forward www entry for your blog in my case.
Make this entries in to your dns servers so that this will be forwarded to blogger web pages when query comes for
Look at the configuration detail for blogger here both configuration successfully you will be able to open your site by entering url as follows.

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