Domain Name Hosting for Free !!!

EveryDNS is really good solution for the domain name hosting for free. but we will have a question that why they are giving it for free ? Here is an answer. – “DNS is often compared to the analog equivalent of the White Pages. If this is the case, why do people pay for DNS hosting when their phone number is listed in the white pages for free? We feel that DNS should be free for both listings and lookups”Hosting our own servers for the domain name and keep it alive is really challenging task, specially in countries like us. where we still paying a lot of money for the internet service. compare to us other countries getting the same service with free or paying a small amount.

EveryDNS have hosted a 4 server world wild which is already mirroring of each other and really a great things for us,,,, and

When you purchase any new domain for your business / personal purpose just ask above 4 name servers to set for your domain register for your domain. and all things you can control by using the EveryDNS, even you can use it as a meter name server or also as a slave server with your own master name server(s).

Don’t forget to donate a small amount A $15-$30 dollar donation is appreciated to help EveryDNS services grow and improve.

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