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Now is no more free you can use FreeDNS – Free DNS – Dynamic DNS – Static DNS subdomain and domain hosting

In my Previous Blog Free Email+Web Hosting, I show you how you can get the free domain name (its a actually sub domain name) from, if it is a qualified domain name then we must get the whois detail for the same with whois command.
Now we will going to create a new account on EveryDNS which is a free excellent service name hosting service. its also collaborate with OpenDNS service too.
Create new account on EveryDNS –

Once you create an account, you can now host up to 20 domain names in your settings and for that you can make 200 entries for 20 domains which is quite more then enough for individual person.  Enter your domain name in `Add new domain:` box which is register with the – and click on >>Basic button whill add new entry in to the `Primary Domains:` List. 
Now Look at the Note: on this page it says that “Make sure that your domain points to,,, and in your registrar’s whois database. Without that, none of your records will resolve properly” it means that still we have to do some setting with the account so that domain name control will be acquired by the EveryDNS Name hosting service. have a look at the following screen for that. 
Click on the Setup domain and select domain name to setup we can setup domain 4 ways displayed in billow screen, first way is to configure only name server which we are going to do so that we can fully controlled with the EveryDNS name server. Second way is to use Name server which is supplied by default in this case we just need to add required entries in Zone Records. 3rd is just to use as a URL Forwarding and 4th One is to Purchase free domain hosting space.
As per our configure we have to setup the Name server to our EveryDNS name servers. and do on Setup Button.
If you get success to configure it will look like as follows, and with in few minutes you can start pinging on the `ping` your domain name.
Now try to ping on your-domain mame if you get the ping reply on your domain name says you get success to configure for the name server successfully

Up till now we have conlete configuraton to get free Domain and Host that free domain on EveryDNS name server now we have to play with Zone records on EveryDNS to start email setting and web site. look at the for more help about everydns.

You can also check whois detail from who is look up as follows, make sure it display correct details according to your configurations.



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