Reminder Module – Improvements !!

I am going to write about improvement in Reminder module. We have seen in about reminder module in my previous post how it will be useful for an automatic process. It will be good to atomize some of the process like, send partner over due payment follow up, Reminder reports of remaining leaves to employees, good wishes to employee, customer and suppliers on their birthday, anniversary or any other occasion.
User Reminders
Here we can see there are new menus under Reminder. Menus are All Reminders, My Reminders and Reminder Logs which use to registers user (user of system, employee, customer, suppliers i.e if portal module used and user can have a login to system).
My Reminder use to subscribe / register manual event or reminders which will be notified by the system in terms of email or sms. 

Pre-defined Reminders

  • Daily Reminders
  • Month Reminders 
  • Yearly Reminders 
  • Partner Reminders
Reminder module will install 4 reminders by default, which is not started by default, but you can just start it and also customise the server action configuration to make it more interactive.
We can directly write python code in condition field and it will be automatically check with the actual data(objects). we can define the quality level by defining the match criteria either it should match all condition or it will be ok any of the one condition will match successfully. depends on match criteris and on success of the conditions action will be executes.

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