Monthly Archives: December 2009

This blog was written for OpenERP version 4.0 may now work for current version !
This is a my first blog in New year, here I am going to post a new module to Trunk Extra Addons. reminder module is an interface between all models and server action. this module will call server action if sets sets of conditions configured will become true for a model.
have a look at the Reminder module menus as follws
We can now configure a Partner Overdue Reminder email automatically with out taking care for running Partner Followup wizard. have a look at the configurations for the same.
More Exampls will be available soon based on the Reminder module.

OpenERP ready for Payroll and related Accounting

Hello !!!

We have a great news that OpenERP is ready with the Payroll module that provides the basic Payroll functionalities for any country or state rules. it has been developed in sort period of time to answer basic requirements of any Organization.
To Configurer it very easy and also Monthly and Yearly reports and activities too. This module is integrated with other modules too like Contracts, Holidays, Passports, Account, HR Expanse, etc..
Look at the here the Employee Salary Structure report when he will join or review.

Download Complete Configuration
Your comments will help to improve this module