Partner Credit Limit

We have one more great module in extra add-ons `partner_credit_limit`, that take care for the partner accounts and credit limit during the sale to that partner.

Credit Limit was an existing field in the Partner a new functionality developed based on the sale order while confirming sale order it will check for the partner credit limit and maturity payment amount for partner and allow or refuse confirmation of sale order.

sometimes it’s also possible for some regular customer to override the credit limit if they are regular in payment in that case partner can have the new credit limit defined by the system automatically. have a look at the configuration in partner accounting configuration page.

Partner have credit limit of the 5000 EUR also its override with new credit limit.

How it Works ?

Lets take an example for that, we have encode sale order for partner Axelor as follow.

Also confirm the invoice for the same with Payment Term. 50% advance and 50% after 30 days. look at the invoice billow.

Now According to the normal logic if we going to confirm new sales order for Axelor it will not allow based on the current invoice. but current credit limit working based on maturity due dates and amount based on that. according to the Over due Report still partner can have purchase of 2750 EUR

So, still next sales order for Axelor will be allowed for 2750 EUR. comments invited


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