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Server Action – Configuration of Email

Hello to All,This will be great feature for the OpenERP, for sending automatic email based on the business process, very easy to configuration OpenERP for sending an automatic email just after confirmation the Invoice.

Here is an Video that explain how we can configure the server action for sending email.

Download Video

This blog was written for OpenERP version 4.0 may now work for current version !

This is my First Blog for the new Developement for the Indian Accounting System. We have start Development for the Indian Accounting based on the General Requirements from the Partners. as part of that Thanks to Humanatics to propose such a good Accounting system for the Voucher Entry.

User will get the list of all voucher entries base don the voucher types, following are the list of types for the vouchers.

  • Bank Receipt
  • Cash Receipt
  • Bank Payment
  • Cash Payment
  • Contra
  • General Purchase
  • General Sales

Voucher Entry system is very similar to the Tally Voucher Entry system, also you will get the same reports formats from the Tiny Voucher System.

Entry Form

Voucher Report

Important feature is Each type of Voucher Entry have the Separate Voucher numbers, so that we can track all vouchers easily in sequence.

you can get the complete documentation report from the here