Monthly Archives: September 2008

This blog was written for OpenERP version 4.0 may now work for current version !
After a long time i am going to write a blog on the Open ERP Planet, Thanks to Fabien to assign me a such good development work in to the OpenERP core System.This is a new feature for the OpenERP Server 5, which provides many things with few configuration, with out writing any code, for example we would like to have an Partner Event after creating their invoice, which is not there in to the Server, but the same things you can get for the Sales Order or CRM case. without Server Action we have to create new module then override the method which confirm the invoice and in that we write a code to create thePartner Event.

with the server action we just have to configure the work flow with server action such that it create the automatic record in to the partner event list.

Another frequent requirenments is to send Email and sms based on the business process, like when any Sales order confirm we would like to send the confirmation email or sms with the customized text message, then now using the server action just we have to configure the server action and we get the result with out writing any more code.

Here are he list of action which supported by the Open ERP new feature called Server Action.

  • Python Code
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Create Object
  • Write Object
  • Trigger
  • Other Actions

for the complete detils like configuration, get the detailed document.