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New Development in Tiny View

Dear All,

I am happy to announce that i just committee a new development for the view, this is small but required development, now it is possible that each user have the different view for the same object.
User can customized any View according to their requirement, and they will get the same for ever.
In Open ERP there are 2 classification for the Tiny View according to Object Oriented Concept
  1. Base Form
  2. Derived (Inherited) Form
So, according to new Development user can change the Base form or Inherited form this 2 changes is separate to each other.
If user change in base form then the new base form will be appear with the all inherited form. and if the any inherited form will customized then this change reinvent to that customized form only their will no affect to the base form and other inherited form.

Have a look at the example.

Customized View for Admin user.

Here you can see, this is not a normal form for the Partner in Open ERP. this is changed Partner form. but yes this view is defined only for the “admin” user other will get the same partner form as defined in Open ERP. just have a look at the next screen a default screen for “demo” partner.

Default View for “demo” user – no customization

Here you can see that there is no customization for the demo user so he will get the same view as it is.

Define Customized view for User in XML Data File

This is a Customized view for the Inherited form, to customized base form just supply new form definition in the arch field of the view

This features is removed from the tiny trunk but you can made it enable by